Tales from the crypt

    This is a FanArt of the very famous television series Tales from the crypt done with Penoit Damien. Thanks to Omar Meradi and Toufik Mekbel who help us on the projet for some FX.

    This is a non profit making production created entirely in Cg for both showing our passion for the show and digital art.
    We wanted to make before all homage to the show without saying that we were better instead. We’ve been both huge fan and have always been appreciative of the visuals effects of the serie.
    This fan film begin’s with the idea to dig up from the grave tales from the crypt and update it with CG tools. It was a great exercise, and very challenging to merge into this great universe.

    I was in charge of the second part of the interior and the crypt part. I have done everything in those part. i alos Shaded/Render and made the compositing of the slime done by Omar. I did the Modeling and shading of the CryptKeeper but for some resaon he is not in the video but you can go in my character section to see it.

    Damien Penoit was in charge of the first exterior scene, the first part of the manor interior and the stairs sequence of the film.I did for him some Props the portal some gargoyles and the head in the staircase.

    Toufik have done some VFX on the first shot like the rain splash on the floor and every fogs on the set. Omar Meradi have done the Slime FX at the end of the film. I did the tracking of the original sequence to have the same camera mouvement and Jeremie Moncomble help me to clean the camera animation.

    It asked us to six months of hard work for this result.

    We know that there’s some bugs but remember, we’ve done it on our spare time and without a renderfarm for some plan. It was a real challenge !
    For the fisrt part of the interior and the cave scene we have rendered with Render online, a web Renderfarm service.

    We both invite you to see the Fanart and hope you will appreciate this hard work !
    I invite you to look at my Friends Websites to see more of the charactere and Vfx !
    Thanks for reading !

    All Credits goes to the original respective owners of the license.
    Music : Danny Elfman http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000384/
    YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae5XwkSguNI to see the original sequence.

      TFTC_S04_Comp_V4 (0-00-08-10)TFTC_S02_Comp_V4 (0-00-06-18) TFTC_S04_Comp_V4 (0-00-11-18) TFTC_S04_Comp_V4 (0-00-18-04) TFTC_20140607_SEQ01_PROPS_Portail_Modeling_Wip_03
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